Carles Forné


Carles has both a bachelor's degree in Statistical Sciences and Techniques and a master's degree in Statistics and Operations Research at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. In addition, Carles undertook a PhD at the University of Lleida applying mathematical and statistical models in health, in which extensive work was achieved within complex mathematical and statistical methods, such as nonlinear mixed effects models, machine learning algorithms, or analytical models. He is member of the Research Group on Statistical and Economic Analysis in Health at the University of Lleida, and associate professor at the Department of Basic Medical Sciences of the same University. He has also experience teaching short courses and tutorials.


Carles is currently working as a principal data scientist at Heorfy Consulting, where he is tasked with developing company wide data science strategy and the design and development of budget impact models and cost-effectiveness models. As well as core HEOR skills, Carles provides support with a wide range of analysis techniques, including several machine learning techniques, such as consensus clustering, random forests, neural networks and support vector machines.